Tuesday, September 28, 2010

So After a False Start..........

I have started this blog, just as a place to show my stitching.

My Aunt taught me to stitch when i was around 10 and i have done it on and off for the last 20 or so years!

I use as a stress relief for a stressful job!

After recently discovered a great site HAED ! Wow they do some fantastic Charts, I have started 2 and hope to blog my progress as i go through them.

I also have 4 other charts on the go as well.

Here are some pics of work i have done -

Adia the Garden Fairy

This was my first Mirabilia Design

May's Emerald Fairy

Joan Elliot and Her Seasonal Fairies

Butterfly Fairies Day

Titania Queen of the Fairies

Fairy Grandmother from L & L

Another Joan Elliot "Water Goddess"

Envy from HAED, this is about 30,000 of 240,000 so still a little ways to go, its 3 full pages and the full bottom row.



Louanne said...

Your work is stunning! I'm so glad you are sharing your love of cross stitch with the world. There should be more men who stitch! You rock!

Zeb said...

Kia ora Man Embroiderer from New Zealand! Woman Embroiderer from Auckland, NZ here! Good to see another bloke, and one whose local! I shall follow your progress with GLEE! :D

lenou said...

oh wonderful !!!
send me an email on paris.hel@orange.fr and we can discuss on our passion for cross stitch !
hugs from france

lenou said...

all is wonderful !!!
send me an email on paris.hel@orange.fr because on this blog it's difficult to send messages ...
hugs from france