Monday, October 25, 2010

Quick Lust Update!

Quick Pic Update of where i was before my long weekend! Just had a Wonderful 4 days break from work! YAY! No Ratty customers, no Stupid Questions! Oh the Joys of Retail!

Anyways on Friday I Reached a Milestone on "Lust" A Full 400 Stitches across!

I decided to work pages 5 & 6 as one. Which made it go much faster!

Making that 400 across was so cool, it felt like an achievement!

Excuse the hoop mark!

I'm also working in 200 x 200 blocks which for some reason it is much faster!

Hopefully tomorrow I will put up the First row Done Pics! I am 240 stitches away from that I had to stop tonight, I was getting tired.

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