Thursday, December 23, 2010

Xmas Things and a Peacock!

So in my last post I mentioned about a Peacock! Well here he is -

Please excuse my hoop marks!

This was about 4 days in

I set myself a goal each day, by breaking the chart into pieces..........The Body , the Swirls, and the tail was in about 6 pieces! I was going to do daily pics, but by 1am each morning not so much!

Call me crazy But it worked! Thanks to Joan Elliot for designing such fantastically beautiful designs!

13 Days Later
Finished! AMAZING!

So with a little time left it was Xmas Card Time.........

If you are wondering about the holes......they are punched and closed with a gold split pin.......We have incredible humidity ATM.....and its a way to keep them from warping in the heat.....I also am in Love with spray glue......LOL!

The Charts came from a freebie collection with a Xstitch mag

My Next Projects are picked and ordered as well.

I was doing the Night and Day Butterfly Fairies, But for some reason i just was not feeling the charts and designs, not that they are not nice designs I just couldn't get into it. As they were a gift for my Sister I had to have a word.....She also was on at me to add beads and sparkly things........She has not a creative bone and just didn't get it when I explained that it wasn't that easy to just "add" them in!

So I took her through the Mirabilia Site to Pick something New! Because we all know how much sparkly things are in those designs.....and Instead of 1 chart we had 2!

The Woodland Fairie

A Midsummer Night's Fairy

Then after she was safely tucked away downstairs I Picked this to go in The Middle

Lilly of the Woods

I personally think the 3 will look amazing together! Also Lilly is a Surprise which I think she will like

So Because I have some short weeks coming up over the Christmas period......I need to finish some UFOs

Well until I get a chart and some threads to make a start...........


Jennie said...

Wow! That Joan Elliot peacock design is gorgeous - your needle must have been smoking after that quick work. :P

Lovely Mirabilias too, they will look just gorgeous together. Can't wait to see your progress!

Rowyn said...

Just discovered your blog. You've done some awesome stitching. That HAED you have on the go is amazing! Merry Christmas!

The Crafty Princess said...

OMG you are a miracle. You musn't sleep or eat. I have followed your blog for less than a month and you have so many finishes. The Peacock is absolutely beautiful. Congratulations.

zenuwpees said...

your fairys verry beautiful