Monday, January 31, 2011

"Envy" Update! Pg 11

Well I decided to pick up "Envy" I really want to finish the bottom row, and get it done and dusted.

So I picked it up again on Saturday Afternoon, after recovering from the going away party, end of cyclone/storm, which was a great night.

So here she is before -

"Envy" Before
"Envy" Pg 11 Done
Just looking at the pictures, it looks so good from a distance, but from up close its just a blur of green and black. The Dress is really starting to take shape, I cant wait to get onto some fun stuff instead of just great big blocks of black and dark green.

Well that's it for now! Thanks to all my readers for your lovely comments!

Happy Stitching All!


Nina said...

Her dress is looking great :) I love all the different shades of green!

Rowyn said...

Wow, you really motor along with your stitching!

rosebud68 said...

Looks fabulous, it still blows me away how huge these designs are, I would love to do one, the size scares me off though!!!! For now I think I shall just get excited every time I see an update of yours!

Bec said...

Great progress! She is going to look amazing once she is finished.

Looking forward to your next update. :)

Michelle said...

The collors are beautifull, i love this combination from green and black. Up close it always looks a bit different unfortunately.