Monday, February 21, 2011

Full Holiday Mode!

After a Relaxing weekend, I'm now in full holiday mode, No work, YAY! Also our house guests and their small monster child ( she is 1yrs old and driving the dog mad ) are going back to the UK tomorrow, So tonight we get to have our famous going away BBQ! So I'm doing my Chocolate Roasting Dish Cake, and Fresh Whole Snapper..................

So onto a Update,

QS "Sweet Selina" Page 3

Its allot of Black, so far I have chugged through 3 skeins and I'm thinking another 3 or so to finish all the Black!

I'm Loving the way she is looking and now she has an Eye, I'm Liking it even more.

Well that's it for today I'm Off to Bake A Cake!

Happy Stitching All!


Stitching Noni said...

Wow Selina is definitely coming along! Well done - all that black....

It is always nice to have visitors but sometimes it is nicer when they go home..... :-)

Enjoy your BBQ and have fun baking the cake - hopefully the monster child will keep her fingers away from the cake and from your poor dog!! Our Daisy dog prefers big visitors - she only likes little ones when they drop crumbs... she makes a very good hoover!!

Enjoy your holiday :-)

The Crafty Princess said...

Goodness is there anything you DON'T do??? LOL!
Selina is looking awesome, I've noticed more and more stitchers are doing the method of stitching all the black first then filling. Any reason for it and do you prefer it? Have fun at the BBQ tonight enjoy the snapper and the cake sounds delish!!

Alicia xo

rosebud68 said...

ah yes, the joys of children and pets. Our cat has learned to run real quick now that our 16 month old is up and mobile