Sunday, February 6, 2011

I Think I have a New Love - First Start 2011

Well I made a new start, I wasn't really going to begin any new project until I had all the threads and fabrics for my sisters Mirabilia's, But I also have a 40th coming up in December, that I wanted to do something special for, ( I know its 11 months away ) But still I don't want to be doing something in 13 days like the Peacock!

So while i was on the HAED site a week ago I found the QS by Hannah Disney, I think I am in love with her work! Such amazing colour and such quirky art. Anyways I let the person who's 40th it is Pick what they wanted So I have started -

QS Spring Explosion Mermaid
She is only 165w x 234h. So not that huge in comparison to the "Sins" Just under 40,000 Stitches.

After making sure I had all I needed ( a quick trip to my fave craft store ) I was ready to go, so here is yesterdays progress,

QS Spring Explosion Mermaid Day 1
She is Stitched on 18 cnt (whatelse) 2 over 1 with DMC

This is pages 8 & 9 worked together as page 9 only had a row of 8 stitches across. The Colours are Awesome, and they are right when the call it a Quick Stitch, It is very fast going. I also think I'm going to leave all the Skin till the very end, so that It doesn't get to dirty.

That's it for Today, Its our Nations Day today, Happy Waitangi Day NZ!

Which Also means My Birthday, However I'm not a big fan of my birthday, just another day. However on the upside, I am home alone, everyone else is at work or out with the Family who are visiting from overseas, so I plan a nice day by myself, a little bit of housework, maybe some baking, and of course some stitching LOL!

Happy Stitching All!


rosebud68 said...

Yup, have to agree, amazing colours. That is going to look awesome when it is done.
Hope you have a lovely day today for your birthday, quiet time stitching...I would consider that to be a wonderful birthday!!!!! Enjoy it :)

The Crafty Princess said...

Happy Birthday! What an awesome present to have the place to yourself and indulge in something you love to do! Great start on the Hannah chart. I too adore her work and have at least 10 of her charts. Currently completing "Spring to Life". Have a great day!
Alicia xo

Stitching Noni said...

Happy Birthday!

Your quick stitch will be done in no time by the looks of it! Look forward to seeing the next update!