Saturday, February 12, 2011

Stash Added!

So for all the HAED Stitchers out there, we all know they have a sale atm, and its really hard to resist adding to your Stash........esp if you have a new artist that you love their work.

So I had a small splurge on the Credit Card...............

QS Butterfly Keeper
QS Sweet Selina
What great charts, I'm thinking "Butterfly Keeper" Will be for a work friend who has a small obsession with Butterflies, and "Sweet Selina" for my Sister. So that means Sadly a trip to buy more threads.....Oh how sad!

Its been a slow week stitching wise, We have had lots of out of town visitors................So I haven't got as much done as I hoped, however, in 5 Days time, We are off work for 10 days! YAY! First break since Christmas, and Back to School is all but done! So I am hanging out for a break............

This week I have worked more on "Envy" and Yesterday Picked up "Spring Explosion"

Updates -

"Envy" Page 12
"QS Spring Explosion Mermaid"
On "Envy" there is only 2 more Rows to go...........YAY then the bottom 12 pages are done, It feels like I have been looking at this for Ever, it will be really nice to work on a New Page and a New Part of the Chart.

As I was Stitching last night, It suddenly dawned on me, that the Bright Blue on "Spring Explosion" Is using the very first skeins of 995 that my Aunt gave me from her stash, for some reason she gave 6 skeins of it, It was just a nice thought, that I was using some what she had brought in this project, Its hard to explain.

That's all for now, I think its going to be a lazy day, It was a early start as the little brother had to be dropped into town to catch his bus............Also the weather is not the best, bit dull grey and overcast...............

Happy Stitching all!


The Crafty Princess said...

Well you faired quite well on the HAED sale. I myself bought 12 including Hannah Lynn's - heart on her sleeve. I agree she is an amazing artist and her work transfers to cross stitch beautifully. Envy is also looking fantastic. Love seeing all your progress.
Alicia xo

rosebud68 said...

Love the new HAEDS...I missed that sale, I am sure hubby is happy about that!!! Envy is looking great, so exciting to see the progress