Friday, February 18, 2011

Stitching Funk! Holiday at Last...............

This week has been pretty slow going, It was also the week before going on I think basically I was just worn out, and my brain was turning to mush.........

Everything I stitched I wasn't happy with, and I was bored with what I was doing.

However, yesterday was the last day at work, so now I have 10 Days of Bliss, No Work, No Customers, No phone ringing and most Importantly NO Stupid Questions, Don't get me wrong I love my Job, there are just times, when It drives me up the wall.

With that being said,I have made a dent In all the Black on Pg1 of "Sweet Selina" and It is starting to look like something.

QS "Sweet Selina"
Pg 1 "Sweet Selina"
So far so good. I have made some Goals while I am off,

* Finish another pg of Black on the above
* Finish Pg 12 of "Envy"
* Sort out My Stash
* Take a years worth of Magazines and go through them
* Bake nearly Every Day, and a New recipe at that
* Dust and Clean the "Star Wars" Room ( that's a whole nother story )

Have a Great Day all!

Happy Stitching!

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rosebud68 said...

Yay, holidays have begun...sleep ins, stitching, baking (mmm, now you have put me in the mood to make muffins), and I wont even go into the star wars room, I can only imagine. My hubby WISHES he had a star wars room!!! Looking forward to seeing your huge progress this week on your projects! Enjoy your week of bliss