Sunday, March 20, 2011

Im Back!

Well after a bit of a break, I'm finally back. We came home from quake ridden Chch, on the Monday after, we drove through the day and night, 20 hours later we were back home, and It was quite depressing being back, also I felt rather guilty, leaving all my family and deal with the aftermath. The worst part was seeing my home town reduced in some part to rubble. They held a memorial service on Friday, which I have recorded, but I'm not ready to see just yet, it feels a little raw still. However having Prince William come to view the city was amazing...........

I also came home in a bit of a stitching funk..........however I think that has passed and I have Finished Pg 11,12 and Started pg 13 of "Envy", I also picked up "Sweet Selina" again and have Finished another pg of Black, and started another............

Pg 11,12, 13 "Envy"
Another Page of Black "Sweet Selina"
You can see her hands starting to take shape, and the heart at the bottom. I cant wait to add some colour now.

Pg 11,12 "Envy"
Page 11 and 12 of "Envy" Look so cool, the detail in the bottom of the dress looks Spectacular.

Now I'm not one for cute cover kits that come with the Stitching Mags but for some reason the Kit on the latest issue of "The World of Cross Stitching" I liked so here is "Fizzy Moon"

"Fizzy Moon" Cover Kit
Just the Back Stitching to go..............

I was also asked to bake a cake for a work friends daughters Baby Shower, I didn't want to do just a cake so I added a special touch for the top............

"Welcome Baby"
"Welcome Baby" In Stitched Blocks which I think looks pretty good, I was told the Cake was amazing as well.

Thanks Again to My readers for your lovely comments while I was away it means so much!

Happy Stitching All!


rosebud68 said...

So pleased to see that you are back and that you are coping with all that has happened to your lovely city. The memorial was lovely, I had a good sob through it as I have family and friends down there too. I know you feel a little guilty about being back home but I am sure that your family appreciated so much how quickly you shot down there to them. Your stitching is coming along lovely, I love how fabulous envy is looking. Well done on getting so much done :)

Kathleen said...


I just found your blog and am so impressed by your artwork! I am also doing a 7 Sins piece - Avarice. Lust looks amazing and inspires me!

Stitching Noni said...

Welcome back. Can't begin to imagine how you all are feeling. I did see some of the memorial on TV. It is certainly going to be a long road back for Christchurch!

"Envy" is looking stunning... wow! Nice to see Selina is also really taking shape now. Love Fizzy Moon and your cake toppers are great - what a fabulous thing to do for someone :-) You certainly have been busy!!

Bobbie said...

I'm so very sorry for your loss. The devastation of Christchurch is being felt around the world. We have been sending heartfelt prayers since the day it happened.

It's nice to have you back. You were missed. Envy is gorgeous and you've made wonderful progress on her gown.

Your cake is absolutely darling. I may have to steal your idea. You have a big heart!

Bobbie :)