Sunday, April 3, 2011

"Envy" Pg 13 Complete!

Well I have finished Pg 13 of "Envy" Was a great page as there was Dress and Background together.

"Envy" Pg 13
"Envy" Pg 13 up close
Still looks pretty good IMHO! I have moved over to the other side and have started pg 14 and 15 together, as pg 15 is only 12 stitches across.

I'm also starting to get together the threads for "Vanity" "Sloth" is nearly ready just need fabric, and to wind all the threads. Which means there will be 4 on the go. I'm going to finish the current pages on "Envy" then move onto "Lust" for awhile.

We have more holidays coming up soon, with Easter so another 10days off Work! YAY! Hopefully this time there is no emergency trip home!

I have to go and get ready for work.......*sigh* another week, but I am on Countdown........only 15 days of work to go............

Happy Stitching All!


The Crafty Princess said...

Congrats on the page finish. There is a stitcher on the HAED BB who is completing this as well, however she has started from the top left corner. So between the both of you I am getting an awesome fix on seeing both of your Wips. It looks so cool. Contemplating buying it myself. Have Vanity and Lust and think envy works well with those two. Beautiful work as always.
Alicia xo

rosebud68 said...

Looks great, it is so exciting to see it growing. I must say that your "things on the go" list on the side is growing rather impresivly as well!!!!

Xeihua said...

I'm really enjoying following your progress on Envy, the green tones are simply amazing and the way the dress is coming up is superb, congratulations on it. you should really be proud of it

Blu said...

Nice progress on Envy! I love seeing her dress come alive.

Ewa said...

Love watching your progress. I hope you do all the sins, it would be an amazing collection!

anojaa said...

Your envy looks stunning! You make me want to stitch something green!