Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Envy Update!

Well Easter is finally here, well been and gone actually! What a fantastic weekend, No Work, Bad Weather and Some Stitching! I have finished another 2 pages on "Envy" which I put down so I could work on the SK. I decided to jump across her, and do the other side, so I had some dress and background so pg 15 was only 12 rows across but a page is a page esp on a HAED!

"Envy" pg 14, 15
Pg 14,15 Close
So as you can see the bottom ruffle is finally done! Looks Amazing eh...........I also did something I would not normally do, which was give it a quick steam with the Iron, I think it freshened it up and it also took out all the hoop marks which I like! I'm pleased with how its going, and also with the overall look of it.

I was very tempted to start another page, but I know what would have happened, I would have got bored half-way through and put it down. So I have picked up "Lust" again, as its been awhile since I worked on her, when I stopped I was Half-way through a page (see the trend) So my plan is to finish Page 7 and Do page 8 before moving to something else.

When I was stitching last night, I had forgotten how much I hated the Flames, they are a confetti minefield, and contain around 20 colours! But they look really good and are well worth the effort!

That's it for now, I'm off to put a DVD on and Stitch LOL!

Happy Stitching all!


Joysze said...

Envy is so yummy!!! I love all those greens. Good luck with Lust.... looking forward to seeing this half page finished. ;)

Ewa said...

They're GORGEOUS! I just love watching these sinful girls progress. I hope you eventually do the whole set. That would be beyond amazing.

rosebud68 said...

Yay, the girls are back! I love that you have picked up lust again, I love the colours in it (ok, so purple is my favourite colour!) Cant wait to see how they both progress

Babs said...

It looks lovely. I hope one day my Haed will be as nice as yours

Lita said...

Wow, it looks so tidy!! Your fabrics seem so smooth, are all of them Lugana? :) Congratulations for your progress, it's always amazing!

demeter83 said...

THey're both looking brilliant, I'm so jealous by how much progress you have on both of these.

Stitching Noni said...

Wow, they both look great! Well done... Can't believe how much progress you have made on them both.


Wendy said...

they look lovely !
I can imagine the confetti stitching must be quite a drag, but wel worth the effort indeed !