Saturday, June 25, 2011

A New Start, A Update and Another Death!!

Well I haven't been around this past fortnight, I keep thinking that I'm going to come down with the flu, and I had a couple of nights when I just didn't pick up a needle!

However I have made a new Start on A Joan Elliott Design. I find they are a easier stitch when all you seem to do are HAED!

I started one of the "Flower Fairies" that she designed for Cross Stitch Collection.

"Poppy" Joan Elliott!
I worked on her for a few days, the colours very pretty, Isn't it funny, when you see all your colours in your box and then see them on the fabric how they all work together and how good they look.

"Poppy" 26 June 2011

I've also done a little more on "FOF 88" I'm taking this one a little slower because of all the skin and my paranoia of getting it even! I think its looking OK...........

"FOF 88" 26 June 2011
The Eye looks amazing don't you think! Although I have some reservations about the light cream on her cheek, up close it does look a little out of place, but overall it looks great............The eye was great to stitch, so many colour changes...............

My last piece of news is we had another pet death at home, Our Budgie Buddy! We were just getting ready to leave for work and I noticed that there was no movement in the cage

Me " where is the Bird??

DP " maybe he is on the floor of the cage doing secret bird stuff"

( The bird would scratch around on the bottom of his cage and then when you would look at him, he would jump back on his perch and look all innocent )

DP looks in the cage and sure enough the bird was on the floor of his cage, but alas not doing secret bird stuff............

So now Buddy the budgie is in the garden with a brand new Lime tree on top of him.............

I really miss him, as I was the only person in the house who he would let touch and pick up without having a complete panic attack......He was also good fun when I was vacuuming with "Glee" on the stereo he would sing along.......I will also miss him when we watch a movie and there is a big fight scene with lots of explosions etc, he would make the most annoying racket.......and then when there was a quiet bit on , he would also make the loudest noise...........So R.I.P Buddy!

This week I had an Urge to pick up A "Sin" and do another page.........I'm not telling you just yet, But you have a 50% Chance of getting it right.....Can you Guess????

Well that's about it for now.......Also a big welcome to my new Followers, its always exciting and weird to think that people actually like, and read what I write.............

It looks as if its going to be another wet and cold day......So lots of time for Stitchin..........

Have a good day all!

Happy Stitching!


rosebud68 said...

Oh dear, sorry to hear about Buddy, what a rough month you have had with your animals. Hope the dog is coping better now as I am sure he has his cone off by now!!!!
I love the Poppy Fairy design, so excited to see how it comes together for you. The eye on FOF looks stunning, you have done so well. I am hoping you have picked up Lust to do some work on as I havent seen her in a while :) Keep up the fabulous stitching

Lesley (Home Is Where My Heart Is) said...

Really sorry to hear about Buddy :( It sounds as if he was a real character and you had great times together:)
The start of your Joan Elliott design is gorgeous, the colours are beautiful, and that has such depth to it. It always amazes me how a few well chosen colour can convey so much.
I have replied to your post on my blog...on my blog..not sure if that was the right place to do it or I should've done it here...still a bit of a newbie in things like that. Look forward to more updates on your projects.

Michelle said...

Ohw buddy, i'm sorry to hear that.
You really get a bond with animals, it's not easy when they die, my condolences.
Your stitch works looks great, your new project is really beatifull, i love flowers!

demeter83 said...

Awww, I'm really sorry about buddy, it's amazing what a gap the little guys leave!
Loving your stitching progress, I've never stitched a Joan Elliott, although I've got loads on my 'to stitch' list, and you HAED is looking gorgeous, wish I'd managed that much progress!

ricketyjo said...

So sorry to hear about Buddy.
Your progress is looking really good on both pieces, love seeing how these things progress!

Louanne said...

Sorry to hear about the passing of Buddy. It's always painful when a pet passes.
Your start on Poppy looks better than the Original picture!
Don't worry about FOF88, the skin looks fab. Remember your stitching will never be viewed by others as closely as you view it when you're working on it. Take a step back and be awed!
It's about time you get back to a "sin". My guess is "Lust". It's time for a little "Lust".

threadbear said...

awww so sorry about Buddy. You really have had a tough time lately :-( here's hoping that things are on the up for you.

Claire said...

R.I.P Buddy.
I have just found your blog ;).I think it's my favourite already!
Your work is fantastic,well done.

Kahlan said...

R.I.P Buddy.
I'm not going to gues what is your next HEAD,because I like surprises.
Are you going to stitch all of the flower series?

stitchstitchknit said...

I'm so sorry to hear about the loss on Buddy :( It's always hard to lose a pet :(

Your stitching on Poppy is great, it's a beautiful design. I think FOF looks better than just "OK" :)

Joysze said...

I'm so sorry to hear about Buddy. :( We lost our cockatiel more than 10 years ago, and with the happy memories and laughs we have when we talk about him, the sadness and loss is always present.

Cat said...

I am very sorry to hear about Buddy. :(

I'm guessing "Envy" (just because I'm working on it myself, and I'd love to see your progress on it) :)