Saturday, June 11, 2011

Thank You! A New Start, A Finish and a Cone!

Thank You to All My Stitchy Friends on your Fantastic and Healing comments after last weeks post! It means alot that you were thinking of what was happening........and feeling what we were going through.

I also have a Finish...........I spent last week working on "Fire Goddess" I was determined to get it done.
"Fire Goddess" Finish
She was Stitched on 18cnt Antique White, with DMC Threads and Finished with Mill Hill Beads and Kreinik Metallic Threads.

I also had the urge to buy a New Chart, but I wasn't allowed to start it until I finished something so it was an extra motivation to finish "Fire Goddess" I have had my eye on a Chart at HAED. I have Picked "Faces of Faery 88" which is by Jasmine Becket-Griffith. It is also to help me get over my fear of Stitching Skin! I really like skin to look even and Smooth, and considering that over half the chart is skin I think its perfect to help with my fear.

"FOF 88"
And my progress as of last night...........I started on Thursday......

"FOF 88" 10 June 2011
So today my plan is to stitch the Eye! I'm pretty excited about that.

So that last part of my title is "A Cone" Well after the Incident with Petra on Thursday, Friday we had to take the Dog to the Vet, he has had on going ear problems since he was a puppy, and this time the vet thinks he has a yeast infection, well the day before the cat was hit, the dog had a raised lump on his ear, and we had decided that a trip to the vets was needed. So Friday was D Day off to the vet, anyways they kept him in for the day and operated........and he came home with a Cone on his head to stop him from scratching etc......and I tell you, it has been the funnest week in a good way........

So this is this morning........

He has been mooching around the house and just generally looking sad........the only down side is 3am when he wants in the middle of the bed......cone and all........It has also added some light pet relief after the cat.............

Thanks again for your kind thoughts..........

Happy Stitching All!


Stephie said...

Well done on your fab finish, she is absolutely stunning :) I'm glad your little (or not so little) dog is bringing you happiness, he looks a super fellow :)

anojaa said...

The fire goddess is gorgeous! well done!
I will look forward to watching your progress on FOF 88, especially the eyes! they are stunning
Your dog is so cute with his sad look, hope he will be ok soon.

Kahlan said...

The fire goddess is beautiful,and the frame is just perfect!

rosebud68 said...

OOOOHHHH Look at that face, he is not impressed. Hehe, cones look so funny on animals. I'm glad the vet got onto it with him and got his ear sorted.
Fire goddess looks lovely, well done. The new one looks great, cant wait to see the progress on it. Glad that you have had a better week this week, you and your family were in my thoughts this week

demeter83 said...

YOur fire goddess looks brilliant, and I'm liking the new start. How do you stitch so quickly? It looks like you've done loads already.

And bless the cone sadness, he does look kinda depressed in that picture somehow!

Michelle said...

She is beautifull, I get why you wanted her to finish..
Your new project is also beautifull, i love the purple collors in it.

Love, Michelle

Cat said...

Oh, I've been eyeing that design as well! It is sooo beautiful, and I'm still amazed at how quickly you stitch! I can't believe you had that much done since thursday!

Love the dog pic too ;) He is clearly not too happy about the situation. :)

Lesley (Home Is Where My Heart Is) said...

Gorgeous finish,she is lovely. Great start too, on your HAED,love the little dragon:)
I am constantly amazed at the way our pets can convey what they are feeling in the way they look.That is a great photo of your sad hound.I hope the cone comes off soon, for his sake and yours..wouldn't like to be swiped by that in the middle of the night!!

Wendy said...

fire goddess looks amazing !!
did you frame her yourself ??
I just love the frame !

if I have to stitch a large area in 1 collour, as often happens with skin, I like to do rows, first /////////, then \\\\\\\\\\\.
that just works the best for me.
but I know hoe it is, skni is usually a light collour, and uneven stitching seems to show more then with other collours.
I recenty ripped out the whole upper body of my mermaid, course I didn't like the way it looked .

so good luck, but I'm sure you'll do just fine !

Lauren said...

Congratulations on the lovely finish for Fire Goddess! It looks amazing in that frame as well.

Mrs Dibble said...

Poor dog looks so sad that they just don't believe you when you tell them it for their own good....but human children don't believe that either when you try it!!!

stitchstitchknit said...

(I put your blog into my feed-reader but it didn't catch your new post, so sorry being late)

Fire Goddess is gorgeous! All the colors and beads and metallics are so beautiful :)

FOF88 is a great design, you made a fantastic start on it. I can't wait to see the eye :)

Your poor dog... He looks so sad :( said...

well i love the finish, the new start ( the eye looks amazing already) and the photo of the dog, awww hope he gets better soon