Saturday, October 22, 2011

Mermaids and Posting Special Packages!

The weekend is now half over, and I had a rubbish day yesterday, Although I did get some stitching in, I spend most of the day with a mighty headache, and spent all afternoon in bed, which for some reason has become a disturbing trend for me.......Although I have drugs for them, sleep is the medicine. Also since being diagnosed with cluster headaches they are still pretty powerful If I don't catch them in time.

So the Mermaid is coming along....and I can see the end......the pic isn't that great for some reason the page lines are showing up.......but I'm sure once she is done and washed It will look my better.

"Mermaid" 18th Sep
So this is page 5 done and this is ..........

"Mermaid" 22nd Sep
where she is at this morning.......she has eyes and looks a little creepy with no mouth. 

In my last post Danielle asked how I keep my Threads organized for my HAED.

So as you can she all the threads have there own bobbins, I use the plastic ones as I feel they hold up better. I have the finished piece inside the lid so I can see where I am up to and what part I am working on. The thread list I copy onto 1 page and copy it onto card so it doesn't get trashed with all the handling. I also keep spare bobbins and my scissors , highlighter and tweezers which I would not be with out, they are get for picking out that pesky dog hair that always ends up in the stitches no matter how hard I try to keep it out!

Also this week I went to the post office.........

"Holly" Before her Journey!
Boxed and ready to be sent!
So 'Holly' is now hopefully winging her way to South Africa, I hope she is enjoying her trip!

Have a great weekend all!

Happy Stitching!


Mangogirl said...

You've been soaring along. The mermaid is looking lovely.

I use those boxes to organise my threads too. I have a box ready to organise my haed threads into as soon as the threads arrive from the US.


Claire said...

You have almost finished.The mermaid looks amazing, love her hair.
Well done to the winner of Holly,I'm green with envy!

Danielle said...

The mermaid looks fabulous! Thanks for answering my question about your threads.

Faerie said...

Great progress and the mermaid looks amazing!

Erla Björk said...

Your mermaid looks amazing! Can´t wait to see her finished :)

Thoeria said...

I'm going to have to be stalking the post office it seems! :-)
Your mermaid is coming along amazingly - even with a headache you stitch faster than me :)

Joysze said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your headache. I hope you're all better. Mermie looks great and I can't see the page lines at all. :)

Rachel said...

Your mermaid is looking lovely! I am sorry to hear about the headaches, I hope you are feeling better. I am sure Holly is enjoying her trip to South Africa, I know I would, lol! :)

nikkin said...

Wow, your progress on mermaid is so fast and stunning! She is beautiful =)


The Crafty Princess said...

Hey there!
I hope you feel better by now! Mermaid is truly exploding. Awesome work! Sorry haven't heard from me for a bit I couldn't get comments to work on my own blog and others. But I was still stalking everyones blogs, just couldn't let you know. I got it sorted now as you can see! Very kind of you to give Holly away and congrats to the lucky winner!