Saturday, December 10, 2011

After a Small Break........Im Back.....

I just want to thank all of my stitchy friends out in cyberland, for all the love and support and words you offered in the passing of Mum.

It was a really hard week, emotionally draining and completely crazy. When someone passes you will see the best and the worst of family and trust me we had the lot.

I wont go into to much detail, lets just say that I got home and crashed! I had my first full day back at work on Thursday, and although I had been in and done a few half days it was really nice to be back amongst my friends and the hectic pace of Christmas..............which is the last thing I feel like ATM, although the Christmas tree is up and I did have the carols on, but I lost it and had a wee cry....but I digress.........I will post some Christmas Pictures through the week.
Like I said when i posted about Mum, I did have a Stitchy post to do that Night, So its a little delayed but here it is -

So I got a little tired of "Selina" and was having a I'm over your hair.........So I have put her down and Picked up "Midsummer Nights Fairy"

"Midsummer Nights Fairy" Before
"Midsummer Nights Fairy" After Nov 21
This is what I was working on when we got the call about Mum.

So since being back I have not had my stitching mojo at all but it has started to return......So I brought a new chart.......

Mini "Aquamarine"
I used to think that Mum's favorite colour was blue, but no as I learnt from her room as we were packing it was this so I'm going to stitch this for Mum. A little late but however...........

Then I know I said NO NEW STARTS ..........I did. I just wanted something small and not to complicated so I am doing another Pixie Couture

"Iris" Pixie Couture

And here is my progress.......

"Iris" 9 Dec
"Iris" 10 Dec
So that's were I am at.........I'm hoping to have her done within the's hoping! It is a real joy to stitch as well.

So my housemate and I got to go Floss shopping today! YAY! Our local craft store had moved location and we received $10 vouchers in the mail, and all DMC's were 99c ea Wahoooooooooo
So I was able to use my sisters voucher and well.......and for some reason she always get 2 lots of mail from them so 3 $10 vouchers............So I was able to get 60 skeins for $30......BARGAIN! and we like a bargain don't we.........So I was able to stock up on all the threads for the Joan Elliott Fairies that I will be starting in the New Year......Speaking of which only 3 weeks till Holiday............10 days of and I plan to spend most of that stitching!

So that's about it for now.......I have been watching all your blogs and will catch up on all the reading left to do.....Also I need to stay away from HAED which are having a sale..........

Hope you all have a great weekend!

Happy Stitching!


lesli said...

So happy to see you back!

Your mini HAED pattern is a beautiful choice for your mother :)

I fainted when I read how much DMC floss costs......99 cents each? Getting 60 skeins for $30 is still .50 cents!! I'd have a lot less WIPS if I had to pay that much!


weustygirl said...

So glad to see that you are back and that you have had the chance to be with your family and farewell your mum. Your latest projects are looking lovely, I love the one you picked out for your mum, totally gorgeous. Glad to see you back here posting :)

demeter83 said...

So glad that things are improving for you, hopefully being back at work and your stitching will give you something else to concentrate on.
Love Midsummer Night's fairy, I want to stitch that at some point, although I'm gonna have to buty the chart first. Also love Rachel Anderson's Birthstone fairies, and that's such a beautiful design, look forward to seeing your progress on it.

Rachel said...

I am glad you are back and things are improving. you are making great progress on your pieces even if you are in a bit if a stitching slump.

I love the piece you picked out for your mum.

Wow, I can hardly believe that DMC is so expensive where you live! That would drive me crazy. I pay 39cents each here. I think it's crazy that it varies so much from place to place all over the world. I am glad you got such a deal though!! :)


Gizzimomo said...

Fantastic stitching as always!

I always get so jealous when I see people who get to pay so little for floss as it's quite expensive per skein here in the UK too (my LNS charges almost £1 a skein, hence why I always go to Ebay now for threads). So not fair!

I've got the mini Aquamarine chart too, it's gorgeous although I won't be stitching it any time in the near future. I do however have another mini that I will be starting as soon as QS Waiting is finished and am very excited to start it!

Have a happy and stitchy Christmas!


Freddysmama (Kirstin) said...

So sorry to read about your Mum. It's four and a half years since my dear MIL died unexpectedly, that hurt so much I don't even want to think about what it will be like when it's my own mum. I hope you have a peaceful Christmas remembering the good times you had in the past.

Yay for 50c floss!!! I was excited to find DMC for 79c in our local Spotlight the other day - that doesn't happen very often!

Looking forward to seeing more progress updates.

Jennifer M. said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your mum's passing and so close around the holidays too. I just read your blog post about her last night. It really touched my heart. I lost my mother when I was nine years old. Not a day goes by that I don't think about her and wish she was still here. It does get better with time. :)

Your stitching is beautiful. Glad to see your mojo is slowly coming back. I so enjoy seeing your blog updates. Enjoy your 10 days of vacation coming up.


Thoeria said...

I'm pleased to see you back in cyberland.
As always, absolutely amazingly gorgeous stitching! I love, love, love the new Pixie! And you've stitched her so quickly! Eagerly awaiting her finish :)

Lesley said...

It is great to see you:)I'm sure I'm not the only follower to have wondered how you were getting on.
The colours in "Iris" are gorgeous and I love the shape of her dress... so much like iris flowers where the purple is. Looks like 2012 is going to be a busy stitching year with the projects you have lined up.
I would definitely like a bargain like yours..60 skeins,that is brilliant.
Wishing you luck staying away from the HAED site that must be near impossible for an HAED lover:):)

The Crafty Princess said...

Welcome back! It's good to hear from you. Your charts are gorgeous. I too recently bought one of the jewel fairies, but I fell for Ruby. Aquamarine is beautiful too it's such a fresh colour. I'm sure your mum would appreciate it. Have a happy christmas and what better way to spend it than by doing something you love. Happy times to come for you.

Joysze said...

Glad you're home safe and sound.

Nice going on getting all those DMCs on sale!!! That's the best way to shop, I agree. :D

Iris looks fantastic and I'll look forward to seeing Aquamarine. :)

Wendy said...

Glad to have you back. What great starts and you stitch so fast.

DMC Floss here is about $0.36.