Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy New Year! Stash Added, Update and a New Start!

Firstly, Welcome to all my New Followers! Welcome and I hope you all enjoy your Visit to my small corner of cyberspace and the blogoshere!

Next Let me wish you all a Happy New Year and I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas and that the holiday season is being kind to you all!

So since Santa didn't leave me any Stash I decided to treat myself to a little Xmas Shopping at HAED! I know I know I already have way to many in my stash but hey you can never have to many right?

So I have had my eye on this for a while........Its also my star sign and its just beautiful!

Wall "Aquarius"
I love this chart, Although it did cause me some bother when trying to download it, now I've never had any problems before and for some reason it just wouldn't download and crashed the computer weird eh........So silly me did it twice! So that means I now have a credit with Michele yeah.......so I do have my eye on a couple that I would like.....So I will let you know when I get them.......

So Christmas week I was going to get My Christmas Cards done and sent, But alas it didn;t happen, Work was mental, and Busy and just full on! So that went by the by, So for this year I am NOT leaving my Christmas Stitching till Christmas week! I will be good and stitch hopefully 1 card a month! That should leave me in pretty good shape come December!

The last week of the month I Picked up "Envy" and managed to get in another 5000 stitch's or 2 thirds of a page which was great!

"Envy" December 31st
So that takes me over 70,000 Stitch's in her. She is looking pretty good!

Last year I talked about how far behind I am on my Joan Elliott Stitching and the way she gets those charts out my stash will be full forever! So come Jan 1 i made a new start on another "Flower Fairy"

"Rose Fairy" Joan Elliott Cross Stitch Collection
I Stitched "Poppy" last year and Am looking forward to this...........So since the Gardener and I are not big on New Years, I finished the last bit on "Envy" then got right to getting Fabric and Threads ready to go.............So at a little After Midnight I made a Start....crazy eh.......but it was only 10 or so stitches but it was a start!

"Rose" Jan 1
This was progress on Day 1

"Rose" Day 1 Stitching
And my progress as of Last Night

"Rose" Day 2
I'm also doing a small amount of the backstitching as I go, Just to see if it speeds things up at the end, so I'm not spending days doing it............

The great thing Is I'm now on Holiday till next week and have nothing planned except to stitch and watch DVDs!

Well thats about it for Now!

Happy New Year and Lots and Lots of Happy Stitching!


Thoeria said...

A happy new years to you too! Hope you enjoy your week off - retail is pure madness at this time of year I know :) Worked in it for over 15 years!
Love the starts - can't believe how far you've come with the rose fairy. And I've had my eye on that HAED chart too as it's my star sign - it just looks way to challenging for me though - so I'll enjoy watching her grow with your speedy needles!

Agata said...

Best for You in New Year!

Rose Fairy is reall beauty, great choice for New Year. Just love all the pinks and purples shades :)

Nic said...

Rose Fairy is looking great - I also want to stitch this series but am trying to get some WIPs finished before I start anything new. I also try and do my back stitching as I go otherwise it just over faces me if I try and do it all at the end.

Happy New Year!

Kate said...

Your projects look wonderful! And there's no such thing as too many ;)

Lesley said...

Happy New Year. Looking forward to your stitching updates. Rose fairy is gorgeous, love the colour of the roses and Envy is looking good too. happy stitching on your week off.

stitchstitchknit said...

Hapy new year!
Your new start is amazing, such a lovely lady!
Envy looks fine, too =)

And Aquarius is a great design!

demeter83 said...

Happy New Year to you too.
Really jealous about the time off, hope you enjoy your dvds and stiching. I'm back to work tomorrow and already getting stitching withdrawl symptoms.
Your progess looks great, can't wait to see where you're up to after this week.

Jennifer M. said...

Happy New Year and Vacation to you!

That is a really pretty HAED chart you chose. I'm still trying to gather courage to start a HAED myself. Love the fairy you chose. She's gorgeous. Enjoy stitching her!


threadbear said...

Hope you have a great holiday! I love Aquarius, she was the first Wall I bought from HAED, she is my littlest DD's sign. Are you going to start her soon?? :-D

irishcream06 said...

Love the josephine wall chart, you stitch so fast!! I haven't picked up my stitching since before christmas, want to start again soon though.

StitchCat said...

Your stitching inspires me as always...I must get my butt into gear and get onto my HAED.

Cat said...

Happy New Year Manbroider! Great progress on Envy! I love her.

I, however, have not picked up Envy for some time. I seem to find that the stitches are a bit too small for me, but I simply have to get over that. I have done almost two pages, and I am NOT starting over lol ;)

Love all of your other pics as well, still can't believe how fast you stitch - it's amazing!!

Hugs from Cat.

Joysze said...

Happy New Year!! Enjoy your week off and I'm so looking forward to seeing your Rose progress.

Envy is looking great too!!

weustygirl said...

Happy new year to you as well. I am so pleased to see all the latest work you have been doing, I had to laugh when you started a project right at midnight, sounds like something I would do.....if I hadn't fallen asleep half an hour before midnight! Looking forward to seeing all the lovely progress on your designs. I just got the latest cross stitch collection and Joan Elliott has done a beautiful Madonna and Child in it that I plan to work on this year to have done for christmas, along with finishing my sons stocking that didnt get finished year. The best laid plans huh :)