Monday, January 30, 2012

Morning Glory and "How Long is Piece of Thread"??

So I didn't have a very productive week, and was off sick from work yesterday, had a rubbish gut and keep wanting to loose my lunch, anywhoo..........I also was out a couple of nights last week (Crazy eh)

I Still managed some progress on "Morning Glory" Her skirt is now done and I'm working on the buds to the side, this project is bead heavy so that will take a little bit.

"Morning Glory" Sat 28 Jan
"Morning Glory" Sat 28th Jan
"Morning Glory" Monday 30th Jan
So how long is a piece of thread??

When my Aunt was teaching me to stitch the first thing she taught me was "How long to make my thread" So I use this method  -

Thread wrapped 10 times

You wrap the thread around 2 fingers 10 times.............and this is how long you cut it, I've never measured it, its just 10 times around my fingers, then I hear you ask "What about confetti stitching, surely that's to much" Well in Answer to that yes it is...............

Thread folded in Half

So Instead of using a full length of thread you fold it in half and use just 5 times....

Half a Length of Thread for Confetti
I hope that all makes sense.

I hope you all have a fantastic week, and only 3 days of work until my long birthday (stitching) weekend!

Happy Stitching!


Stephie said...

Wow, Morning Glory is looking great :) Can't wait to see her with all beads attached. Your thread length tip is exactly how I do it, it's a great way to measure the thread and hardly any left overs :) Keep up the great work and I hope you start to feel better soon. xXx

Ruth said...

Morning Glory is looking great and best of luck with the beads. Good tip on the thread.

Kruissteekies said...

beautiful stitches

Agata said...

have to try this trick with thread, thx for sharing :)

Morning Glory is a beauty :)

demeter83 said...

Looking absolutely gorgeous, love it. Can't wait to see more of her, and love the advice.

Joysze said...

Morning Glory is soooo purdy!!! Ooooh lots of beads huh? I can't wait. :D

I measure my threads by arm length. HAED and over 1s is from the bottom of my pinkie to my elbow. Everything else is double that length... unless it's variegated.

Sorry you were sick... sounds like you had a stomach bug. :(

WOOHOOOOOO, birthday weekend coming up. :D

weustygirl said...

wow, impressive as usual, your latest project looks great.
Thank you for recommending your local cross stitch store to me (Ribbon and Rose I think it is called). I ordered some stuff off him last week and he had to send away overseas for one of the threads but he called today to say it had arrived and he was sending it today, very impressed with how fast he was and how lovely to deal with.
Thanks for the thread tip, will try it tonight

Thoeria said...

Morning Glory is looking lovely! Hope you feel better soon!

Daffycat said...

An interesting may to measure out thread. Here is mine:

saramshobby87 said...