Sunday, February 19, 2012

IHSW, A Finish, A Question and a Comment!

Can you believe that it is nearly March already, considering the 3rd weekend of Feb is over and we have just had another IHSW!

My week went pretty fast, thank goodness, Back to School is over, now its just the tidy up afterwards, and trying to get the high school kids to come in and collect their text books!

As the week ended, My work friend and I were to have a "Sawathon" all 7 Saw Movies back to back!

Well Friday morning at sparrow fart she was here, after a quick trip to the supermarket to get supplies we were all set, everyone in the house was at work so I could have the surround sound on "Loud" and at about 8:15 am we were off!

We managed to get 6 movies in before people arrived home, which was pretty good going, I still managed to get some of the housework done that I normally do on a Friday which the "Gardener" was happy with!

It also meant that I got an early start in on "Sweet Selina"

So at the beginning of the week I was working on the Strawberries at the bottom,

"Sweet Selina" Wednesday 15th Feb
"Sweet Selina" Wednesday 15th Feb
Once that was all done it was onto the Face!

"Sweet Selina" Friday 17th Feb
The face shading was finished sometime during "Saw 3" early Friday afternoon! Then it was onto the Face itself! So all of the middle is filled with 754, by now you all know how much I hate skin, because it needs to look even or I'm not happy.

"Sweet Selina" Finished Saturday 18th Feb 2012
Well I think it turned out pretty darn even to me!

That's right I put the last stitch in her face before dinner last night! Although I have to admit that the last 20 or so rows were so hard going, I just wanted her done, but I was mindful of keeping it all even, so I concentrating pretty hard, then it seemed to be dragging! I was pretty elated when it was all over!

So I worked out that it's taken a little over a year to complete her, She was started around the 14th or 15th of Feb last year, however as my housemate rightly pointed out that I have worked on and completed alot of projects in between as well! So that's my 3rd HAED finish in a year! Awesome eh??

So as I was packing away all the threads etc, I got to thinking, I always make a working copy of my charts so I can highlight write notes, draw etc on them, and for some reason I always keep them after I have finished with them, So my Question for my readers is -

Q: - What do you do with your "Working Copies" once you have completed the design???

I will be interested to read your comments!

Which leads me into the last part of my post today!


As I was surfing the web last night I stopped by Joan Elliott's Blog and was disgusted and amazed at what I read, take a wonder over and have a read for yourself! Make sure you leave a comment as well to show your support!

Without people like Joan, where would us stitchers be! We would be bored out of our minds and be left twiddling our thumbs! I personally think that the people who are doing this should be outed and shamed! How dare they affect the livelihood off the designers we love and care about their work! Then when I read the comment about Michele at "HAED" having the same issues with the same people well that got me pretty heated up as well! Name and Shame I say!

OK now that I'm all het up, I better go and get ready for work! I hope you have all had a wonderful IHSW and I look forward to seeing your progress! Also welcome to my new followers I hope you enjoy my drivel and what I get up to!

Have a Great Week!

Happy Stitching All!


T.J. said...

Congratulations on your finish! What a wonderful accomplishment and she is as cute as can be. Since I do not, personally, have the wherewithal to stitch a HAED, I applaud this.

As far as your question, I throw out my working copy. Every section I complete gets cut off of the working copy. I am always excited when I have gotten to a point that I can "eliminate" a segment (of the working copy).

sharine said...

Great finish! I always throw my working copies away as soon as I'm done with them.

Xeihua (Sara) said...

Wow... Selena is gorgeous and the skin is really perfect (I'm so jealous I wish I could stitch as good as you ;))...
Answering your question... I usually paint the copy charts with a kids colour marker usually the dark colours so in the end you can't see the chart and just see a fully painted page... then either I file it with the original or I rip them into pieces and throw it into the bin. I'm like you and tend to get really mad with these people... don't they see they are just ruining everything... and I so agree with you on the Name and Shame... I bet that would be a great way of making at least one part of them stopping... and designers would know who they should avoid... anyway CONGRATULATIONS on your finish once more :D

Claudette497 said...

It's so amazing how quickly you stitch, and her skin is so dreamy creamy peachy - what a wonderful job!

I don't make working copies - I'd never heard of such a thing until I entered the blogosphere, and by then I was too set in my ways, lol. I don't usually keep the charts if I've marked them, unless they have some element that I may want to stitch again.

Ruth said...

Wow great finish and the skin on Sweet Selina is totally even, well done. I'm still in the middle of enjoying IHSW so will have updates on Monday.
I totally agree with you about the designers, its terrible to read how some fellow stitchers treat the designers that keep us sane by providing deisgns we love.
As to my working copies I normally recycle as they are marked with notes filled in with highlighter etc etc and really not much good for anything else.

Lesley said...

Lovely finish. Those strawberries look luscious.

I shred my working copies as soon as I have finished with them.It is a sort of celebration of a completion as well as ensuring copyright rules are adhered to:)

demeter83 said...

She looks absolutely gorgeous, such a lovely finish!
As far as copyright goes, I'm not sure, stitchers never seem to agree on this. I tend to throw my charts away when I'm finished, although I have on one occasion passed a chart on to someone who couldn't get hold of a copy.

Lori said...

Congrats on the beautiful finish!!!

I always throw my working copies away. I keep all of my detailed notes on a separate piece of paper that I then file away with the chart when it is finished.

Thoeria said...

Great finish on Selena! She is more than just even - she's gorgeous!
I always toss my working copies.

ricketyjo said...

Congratulations on your finish, she looks beautiful and the skin on her face looks really great on the photo.

weustygirl said...

Oh I love your finishes over the last week. So nice to see all the hard work you have done. Not sure about your Saw marathon though, I think I would be cowering in the corner in the first one!!!! I have been away at the beach for 8 days, just got home today and got lots of stitching done so will update my blog later.
I shread my working copies, I have a strange fascination with my shreader and love the feeling of seeing the completed papers being destroyed!!!!

jcat0629 said...

Great finish on Selena! Congrats!!! Having a movie marathon while stitching is so much fun.

As for your question on working copies of charts when done, I throw them out.

Gizzimomo said...

Selena has come out beautifully! I has a movie marathon over the weekend but did the Underworld movies!

Working copies..... with HAED's originally bought as PDF's as I don't mark my working copies or write on them I tend to keep them and file them away but with physical charts that have been photocopied for working copies then they get shredded and binned.

Yvon (jioya) said...

Selena is looking good, great work!!

I keep the original and toss the working copies, they are covered with all kind of colors when í'm finished with them .

Hugs Yvon.

Michele said...

What a beautiful finished piece! Grats! Answer to your question: I have a folder that I put all my finished working charts in. I have used it often when I have forgotten whether or not I had done a certain piece before and it comes in handy...especially if it is a piece that you gifted away or no longer possess.

Tiffany said...

Congrats on a great finish, and yes, very even skin tone. I've only recently started working copies, but will likely toss them as soon as I'm done as well.

Anne said...

Congrats on finishing Selina! She sure is a purdy girl :D Wow, 7 Saw movies!! I couldn't do it!! Mmm, I don't make working copies (perhaps I should?). If I did, I would probably just keep them in my sewing drawer until I purged the drawers months later and I would shred the copies.

Dana said...

Howdy, found your blog from the IHSW page. Very impressive stitching. Love Selina...don't have the patience to do a HAED.

I don't really make working copies. I figure I paid for it, probably won't stitch it again so I just mark on the original..sometimes if it is in a magazine I'll make a copy so I can hilight it as I stitch, but throw it away after.

Nice blog...I think I'll add you to my follow list!

katica said...

Just found your blog throught the link on the ihsw page.

Congrats on your finish! I'm very impressed that you've done 3 HAED's in a year! I've not done one yet, they sort of scare me! LOL!

Working copies get ceremoniously torn or burnt (depending on the season) once I'm finished with them. I don't keep them at all.

Stitching Noni said...

Wow what a fantastic finish - she looks amazing! Well done ;0)
I keep my working copies in a file with the original pattern that way if I want to see any notes that I may have scribbled on it I still have them.
Isn't it just unbelievable what designers have to put up with!

♥ Nia said...

Congrats on your finish! Looks fabulous :D

Erla Björk said...

Sweet Selena looks amazing! Congrats on a beautiful finish!

Lonneke said...

Congrats on your finish! She is gorgeous.
And I totally agree on the copyright thing.
I always throw away my working copies as soon as I have finished a page. I find it encouraging to see the pile of pages shrink. :)

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