Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Some WIPS and I have a little more time on my hands!

So After my finish on "Sweet Selina" which I was thrilled about, I decided to pick up "Rose Fairy" She is moving along nicley, Im just about down to the finishing bits

"Rose Fairy" Tuesday 21 Feb
"Rose Fairy" Friday 24th Feb
After getting this far I decided that I needed a bit of a break over the weekend so I spent Saturday catching up everything I had recorded and saved and working on "Morning Glory" she now has another wing -

"Morning Glory" Pixie Couture Saturday 25th Feb
After that I went back to "Rose" and here is where I left her last night -

"Rose Fairy" Monday 27th Feb
So as you can see I am just about on the home straight.

After last weeks post, I decided that I must have some form of OCD, or be a hoarder, because I had a look and I have kept all of my working copies from everything I have ever stitched! So thank you for all your responses on that!

I vow that this weekend I will go through and clean out all my working copies!

Also I have a little more spare time on my hands, because after 19yrs I have given up smoking, thats right I was a smoker!

The first 2 days were hell! Esp because as we had the 1yr anniversay of the earthquakes down in my home town, and we had the 3 month anniversary of mum passing away, so I had sure picked a great week to stop, so I am now 8 days smoke free. I have to admit that It was not as hard as people said It would be, but the first couple of days all I could think about was having one. I had to give up because my blood pressure was dangerously high, and after having the small incident last year with my heart I think Its for the best! 34 is way to young to die! I think thats why this week I got lost done as I was trying not to think about it. Also thats why I'm updating my blog from work, I have to something to fill in the time!

The other thing I have to mention my friend Weustygirl has changed her blog address, so if you are a follower make sure you check the link you have so it works! Also she does some fantastic stiching so make sure you check it out!

Hope you all have a fantastic week!

Happy Stitching!


Joysze said...

Stitching look fantastic!!! You're going to have 2 finishes right around the corner. :D

Congrats on being smoke free for 8 days!!! That's fantastic. :D

Jennifer M. said...

Beautiful progress on both! Congrats on your decision to stop smoking. Just wait...you will feel much better as time goes on. :)


weustygirl said...

Yay, you are up to 8 days!!!! Well done, so proud of you :)
Rose is looking lovely, I love the colours. Cant wait to see her finished. I'm still hanging out to see some more progress on those gorgeous sins too....hint hint
Thanks for the mention of my blog on your post, aren't I doing well keeping up to date with it, I am actually enjoying doing it and it is a good way of keeping track of my works progress. I know, took me a while but I am converted to blogging now :)

Kruissteekies said...

gorgeous, stitches

Veronica said...

Rose Fairy is stunning! Just a little bit more to go. I'm sure we'll be having a happy dance soon? ^.^ Lovely progress on Morning Glory too.


stitchstitchknit said...

Your two ladies are amazing =)
I think it's great that you want to stop smoking - more time and money for stitching =) And of cause, it's better for your health =)
You can be proud to be able to make this step and I am sure you will be able to keep away from smoking =)

Thoeria said...

I am, as always enthralled and amazed by your work :) Good going on the no smoke road - been there and know how difficult it can be! Its been almost 5 years for me!

♥ Nia said...

Both ladies look gorgeous! :)
Congrats for stop smoking!! Keep it up, it's not really that hard and it gets better every day ;)

Susan said...

I skipped over from Random Ramblings and just had to congratulate you on stopping smoking. 8 days is HUGE! Keep it up. Your stitching is beautiful.

demeter83 said...

Loving the stitching, you always have such gorgeous projects on the go... have you noticed the 50% sale at HAED?
COngrats on teh 8 days, that's a real achievement, is it helping having something else to concentrate on?

The Maiden said...

I am so glad you gave up smoking, you will feel much better in the long run hang in there! Rose is looking amazing, i just love the pinks in the flowers and the contrast against the skirt.


Wow! cudowne!

Dana said...

Love your stitching. You sure a fast with a needle!! Congrats on the smoking too!! More $$ for stitchy things!! :)

Irishenchantment said...

oh wow what great progress love the rose fairy!

Mangogirl said...

beautiful stitching and congrats on not smoking anymore.