Friday, April 13, 2012

Holiday from work and something to get my teeth into!

Well once again I must apologise for my lax in attendance at showing my face around these parts!

Easter has been and gone! My last holiday for the year is nearly over! April is nearly half over and time sure flies when you are in pain! (I feel like every post recently I've had something wrong with me!)

So to begin at the beginning  -

Last week I added my fourth and final piece into my weekly rotation "Earth Goddess" at the end of the week she had a decent start!

"Earth Goddess" Week 1
Not to bad right, I love all of the colours that Joan has used and for some reason she stitch's up quite fast.

Easter happens next! 10 days away from work and all the drama that goes with it! YAY! Awsome! or so you would think!

The weekend rolls around and I pull out "Summer" so she can have her 2 days in the sun!

"Summer" Before
"Summer" After
For some reason I'm liking her more the second time around, I think that might have something to do with the fact that the first time around, she was my first big project after coming back to stitching after a break. Also you can see I have broken a habit and have stitched her face near the beginning!

After the weekend I moved onto week 1's project which is "Midsummer Nights Fairy" for my sister! Now this project I have Not enjoyed, I'm sure we have all been there, had a project that we did not feel! Well I'm not feeling this! at all! Don't ask me why!

"Midsummer" Before
And this is where she is this morning!

"Midsummer" After
Its now time to add all of this -

She just needs her beads! Things I have Learnt while stitching this piece "I hate 2 over 1 Blending Filament" Also 1 strand Filament 1 strand #4 thread! Which for the record that's what her wings are stitched in! Arrrrggggghhhhhhhh I think those wings were sent to test me! However once that have been backstitched I can then bead her and she is out of my hair! I know I should have put her down and walked away, but that would giving into the little fairy and I'm not about to do that! OK that's enough rant! I should have her done shortly It would have been today if not for that fact -

I'm having my Wisdom Teeth Out this afternoon! Great end to my break right!

I was meant to have them out the week that my passed away, but we were in a different city, It wasn't going to happen!

So I wake up on Wednesday morning and My head is swimming and I cant stand up! Great My Vertigo is back! Arrrgggghhhhhh and My teeth are aching! I knew right away what the issue was, So I ring the surgeon and they could fit me in for Friday! YAY! Although I hate the dentist at the best of times...........I hope I get some mightily fine drugs that's all I can say!

Back to things we like, I'm also thinking of a new project to add once "Midsummer" is done. It's either going to be -

"FOF 88"

Mini "Aquamarine
These are my last 2 project in my UFO pile, so any thoughts would be great! I'm further along on FOF that the mini! What would you like to see??

So that's about it again! Another long post I'm sorry!

Hope you all have a great weekend!

Happy Stitching!

PS Thoeria - PDA - Public Displays of Affection = "Yuck!"


Claudette497 said...

Your stitching is looking wonderful, as always. Good luck with the wisdom teeth..I had mine out and it was well worth it. Life lesson from the experience: don't stitch while stoned (you'll only think you can count)!

Jen said...

Lovely stitching as usual! I would love to see the mini aquamarine stitched. Good luck with your wisdom teeth. :)

mother.maiden.crone said...

WOW, what a post! I do not know what to comment on, each one is better than the last! My vote goes to birthstone, and goos luck on the wisdom teeth (I was called chipmunk cheeks for weeks!).

Thoeria said...

Swooning with delight at your gorgeous stitching! I think that Earth Goddess is the best in the series - she is looking fab! And even though you've explained that you're not feeling Midsummer, I must say you have done her proud! Another lovely! And Summer! Yikes! Speedy and stunning!
Good luck with the wisdom teeth! Had mine removed years ago and looked like a puffed up chipmunk :) Come to think of it - I still do :-D

Stitching Noni said...

Wow, how do you do it! They all look stunning & while the midsummer fairy might be leading you a merry dance I think she is just gorgeous & would definitely be my favourite in your stitching rotation if not for the Joan Elliott goddess! No correction, she is my favourite! I like the look of Aquamarine so fingers crossed you do that one next ;0). Good luck with the teeth - I can still remember having mine out - yuck!

weustygirl said...

Ah yes Theoria, the puffed up chipmunk look. I had my wisdom teeth out 20 years ago and reacted to the drugs, my entire face from my neck to my forehead puffed up for nearly 2 weeks....oh sorry Mr Manbroider, you probably dont want to hear this right now after yours. Just rest, relax and dont stitch till you can count property, cause you will just end up having to undo it all again. Your WIPS are coming along nicely, love the colours in earth goddess. Keep preservering through your sisters one, I am struggling with Jacobs christmas stocking too, although I love the design I have found it difficult to get excited about. Hang in there and stick with it

Cris and Crafts said...

They're really amazing!!

Miamina said...

Your stitching is just stunning and always leaves me lost for words. You've done a great job on Midsummer Night's fairy.

I love both the designs you are thinking of adding in so it's a tough call. I think I'd go with FOF 88, how can you resist the cute dragonling?

jcat0629 said...

Beautiful start on Earth Goddess. She's a really pretty one. Summer is gorgeous too. You can get through those wings on Midsummer's - I stitched that for my SIL & it was my 2nd Mirabilia. I had no experience with Kreinik before that...hate the stuff but the blending filament works well if you put a bit of water down the whole length of the strand.

You stitch beautifully. I hope you feel better!

Cat said...

As always great progress. You should definately start on the Mini Aquamarine. I am stitching the citrine myself, and I am very pleased with the outcome. I am very curious to see how the aquamarine looks ;)

Feel better soon!
- Cat.

demeter83 said...

They're all looking great, and with all your stitching time you've got absolutely loads done!

Love both of your possible rotations, so will enjoy watching whichever you choose to stitch.

Hope you're starting to feel better... I had my wisdom teeth out at the end of last year and I don't know whether I was just lucky, but they came out really easily and didn't hurt anywhere near as much as I had been told it would.

Joysze said...

EEEP!!!! Hope the wisdom tooth extraction went well.

Oooh Middie looks beautiful!!! Those wings are well worth the aggravation, that's for sure.

Both JE's are looking great... I bet the next time you post, Summer will be finished. ;)

I vote for FoF. Happy weekend!

Susan said...

Lovely stitching. Oh yes blending filament - designed specifically to torture stitchers. I love the effect but hate the process. Sorry to hear about the vertigo - I had an bout a couple of weeks ago, definitely not fun. Good luck with your wisdom teeth extraction.

Gizzimomo said...

Beautiful stitching as always!!

Terry said...

You stitching is absolutely beautiful and your choices of design make me drool. I love everything and can't wait to see the finished projects.

mytimestitching said...

Just found your blog and I like what I see. Your stitching is awesome. I enjoyed my visit. Hope you are feeling better. I'd love to see the Mini Aquamarine. I have to check out Heave and Earth designs as I have not seen them.

Tammy Bergeron said...

your ladies are always so wonderful to gaze upon!! I always come here to see if there is one that I fancy to stitch. My next project is January (Garnet)fairy