Sunday, April 29, 2012

Summer and Winter! Conflicted Much!

So last week saw me recovering from my tooth extraction, this week saw me dealing with the problems of having 2 great big holes in the back of your mouth!

OK there might be a little to much info here for some people, so I suggest you skip ahead to the stitchy stuff if you don't want to read about it.

So the down side to having 2 great big holes in the back of your mouth is everytime you eat there is food getting caught in them! The surgeon was fantastic and he gave me this syrigin to push salted water into the gap, downside you have to have your head at a strange angle to get the point of the needle in the hole! Also what seems like a giant piece of lodged food is actually really small! So I guess the holes aren't that big! But if you don't deal with it as soon as you have eaten you spend all your time playing with the food that sticks out! Anyway I'm sure you get what I mean. However everyday I can however feel them getting smaller and smaller, just cant wait till they are no longer there, and this can all become a distant memory! I'm also back on a normal diet and am no longer taking any pain relief which is fantastic!

Now onto the stitchy stuff.

This week In my rotation was JE "Santa" He is shaping up, but like I mentioned I'm not feeling the piece so am thinking about dropping it. I'm not saying I dislike the design, I think its because its nearly the middle of the year and I'm Stitching something Xmas themed.

"Santa" Before

"Santa" After 26th April

I changed the White in the Dove as well, instead of "Blanc" I have changed it to "5200" which stands out much better against the "Antique White" fabric. Also will look much better when it has its metallic backstitch.

I am also allot further on with JE "Summer Fairy"
"Summer" After 28th April

So the top 2 pages are nearly done, next weekend I plan to get them done completely, backstitched and all.

This weeks rotation piece is JE"Earth Goddess"

Thanks for your wonderful comments about the cake in my last post! It was amazing, and Yes that was "Kit Kat" bars around the outside and mini MandM's on the top!

Hope you all have a fantastic week!

Happy Stitching All!


sharine said...

Great progress. I feel your pain on the holes in your mouth. I just went through the same thing.

Jennifer M. said...

Lovely progress on your JE projects. I could understand about the lack of motivation on Santa. Its not easy working on Xmas stuff when its not around Christmas time.


Monique said...

I am glad that the tooth thing is almost over. I love how perfect your pieces always look and yet your one of the fastest stitchers I have seen.

Kim said...

You are so prolific with your stitching! Great progress with both Santa and Summer Fairy. I hear you on stitching Christmas stuff in the middle of the year - very weird, but remember there is always Christmas in July you can stitch it for.

demeter83 said...

Both pieces of stitching look fabulous.

When I had my wisdom teeth done I was advised to rinse my mouth out with salt water after eating to help keep them clear, which as I had all four at once was a godsend, or I wouldn't have eaten at all!

Susan said...

Beautiful stitching. The colors in "Santa" are so rich and vibrant. I was fortunate(?) with my wisdom teeth in that I had so much post-op trouble that by the time I could eat again the holes were gone and no I did not think I was fortunate at the time!

Carla said...

Beautifil stitching!

mytimestitching said...

Your Santa is looking fabulous. I love the colors. I like the idea of stitching him in July and it might get you more in mood for stitching Christmasy things. Your Summer Fairy looks stunning! I am enjoying watching you stitch this one. Your piece is making me want to stitch my first JE soon.

Gizzimomo said...

They are both beautiful pieces of work Scotty and thanks for the encouraging email you sent me. It was very uplifting for me and I'm very grateful! Hope your pain subsides soon! xxx

weustygirl said...

Love your 2 progress reports :) I am having the same problems with Jacobs christmas stocking, it just feels so wrong to be stitching it at this time of the year even though I love the design. I didnt mention the cake last time but MMMMMM, heavenly. Glad the teeth are feeling better and that the holes are going away, yes, I remember those days well.

Thoeria said...

Oh beautiful progress! And don't worry..those gaping holes will be a distant memory in next to no time! Can't wait to see your next update with Earth Goddess - she's one of my favourites!

Mangogirl said...

beautiful progress :D

Joysze said...

I hear ya about the holes. Been there, done that. And you're right... it'll get better soon when the flesh heals and seals back up.

WIPs are looking awesome. Love the reds in Santa. :D

Crafts4others said...

love the progress you have made. I will have to remember that advice to use the other color in regards to the blanc thread, it is always a pain, as it usually does not show up.