Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Winter Update! Mystery SAL Revealed and Packing Sucks!

So I have been working on "Winter Goddess" By Joan Elliott this week. She is stitching up rather quickly as well which is great, however I was expecting her to be a little larger than she is turning out to be, although as always I am useing my normal 18cnt so 6 1 half dozen.

"Winter" Before
"Winter" 2nd July
So for a weeks work she is looking great!

So I am now pleased to announce 1 of my mystery projects and that is a SAL with another Blogger.

I contacted Thea from "Gizzimomosstitchyplace after seeing some stash that she had brought (she stitches alot of HAED's) and I sugguested that we look at doing them together.

The Charts are both by Myka Jelina

Mini Lucia
Mini Meltia
So the jist is we are both starting on August 11, we will both go page by page, (they are only 8 pages each) we will stitch 1 page at a time once we have done that page we will post our WIPS and link you to the others post. We will each have a tab at the top so you can see our progress easily. I will be stitching "Meltia" and Thea is doing "Lucia" then we will swap and do the other. We both think it should take 16 Months So we are in it for the long haul! We both hope that you will join us as we stitch these! We encourge you to encourge us! Although Unlike Thea, I am not kitted up yet, but I will get there!

The other Mystery Project is nearly ready for an announcement but not just yet, I will let you digest this first!

So I am frantic at work, the Manager is away and Im left in the Captians chair, it is crazy beginning of the month and with me leaving it all seems to be getting crazy! The house is just as crazy with all the organising and packing Im going a little of the rocker so my stitching is getting not so much attention. However I do have a moving date, which is August 1st The "Gardener" and I have have booked the ferry crossing and the plane flight back! So we will be apart for around 12 weeks but there is always weekends to vist! Also between you and me Im kinda looking forward to some me time Shhhhhhhhh!

So thats it for now!

Im off to colapse on the couch!

Happy Stitching All!


Thoeria said...

I love love the new SAL choices and will look forward to seeing them grow on both your blogs. I also just *love* how you say...."it's only 8 pages:...hahaha!Good luck with the mad move.....know the feeling....won't be moving anywhere soon myself!

sharine said...

I love the new sal. They are both great charts.

weustygirl said...

Yay, you updated your blog with your big news. I have only been stalking your blog for 2 days since you told me that you had a big announcement to share on it. The SAL sounds great, how fantastic to find someone else who shares very similar taste to you when it comes to designs and is happy to do a SAL with you. I cant wait to see the progress for both of you.
Winter is looking lovely, coming along so quickly. I can understand that you dont have a lot of time for stitching right now.
Glad to hear the moving is coming along well, I know how exhausting and stressful it can be, we are looking at doing it next year and I am dreading the packing side of it.
Happy moving and happy 1 more month left in the big smoke

Michelle said...

Lovely new projects, I understand why you want to make them!
I'm looking forward to see updates from you both, I also follow Thea ;)

Maria Jesus said...

Really beautyful, lovely!!!

Gizzimomo said...

I'm sooooo excited! Hehehehe!

Joysze said...

Oh ooooooh, I have some Mykas too. Love her stuff!! Can't wait to see yours and Thea's SAL start up.

Moving??!! Damn, I've been away too long.... off to catch up on old posts.

Winter looks great, btw. I can see her face outline already. :D

Thanks again for checking up on me. *hugs*

Carla said...

Love the two pieces you chose to do for your SAL!
Winter Goddess is looking great!

Donna said...

Such a great idea to stitch those together so you can support and encourage each other through them. I am really excited to see you both start and Winter Goddess is stunning !



Susan said...

Great SAL pieces. Beautiful progress on Winter.

demeter83 said...

I'd seen Thea mention the SAL so can't wait to see you both working on them.
You've done loads on Winter, looks fabulous!
I'm a bit like that when the other half goes away, I miss him, but the peace and quiet to get stitching done is completely fabulous. Hope the move goes smoothly!

Mangogirl said...

great stitching :D